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Achieving Stellar Placement Results: A Guide for Post-Secondary Career Schools

By Dr. Joe Angley, Managing Partner

As autumn embraces us with its crisp air and festive vibes, it's also the season to ensure your institution's placement and retention data shines as bright as a jack-o'-lantern on Halloween night.

Picture this: You're navigating through the online data portal, only to realize your placement data feels more like a "trick" than a "treat". It's a common challenge, but fear not, solutions are at hand.

In most states, maintaining a student placement rate of at least 60% is the standard. For instance, in Florida, falling below this mark puts your institution on placement reporting and necessitates a placement improvement plan (see Rule 6E, 2.004(10)(c)).

The pandemic-induced shift to online learning has revealed new challenges, especially in licensure and certification exam pass rates. This affects various programs, not just nursing schools. But it's important to note that distance education, when executed thoughtfully, can yield exceptional results.

Why delve into education in a placement-centric blog post? Because the heart of effective placement lies in curriculum alignment with industry trends and standards, and in its delivery. These are the primary drivers, without which other efforts take a back seat.

If this scenario resonates with your institution, you're in good company. There's still time to act and rectify the situation. Here are some actionable steps:

1. Evaluate Your Curriculum: Ensure it aligns with industry and licensing standards. In Florida, coordinate changes through the CIE, kick-starting the revision process.

2. Embrace a Learning Management System (LMS): Even if online/hybrid courses aren't your forte, the benefits of an LMS are manifold.

3. Upgrade Your Student Information System: An up-to-date system, preferably connected to your LMS, is indispensable for tracking placement statistics and generating regular reports.

4. Invest in Faculty Training: Strengthen your faculty's delivery capabilities with customized training or consider FAPSC's readily available courses.

If your curriculum and delivery methods are up to par, perhaps it's time to focus on bolstering your placement department's efforts. Assuming you have a dedicated placement person, consider these strategies:

1. Enhance Career Resources: Offer comprehensive support through workshops on resume writing, job search strategies, and LinkedIn proficiency, potentially in an online format for increased attendance.

2. Foster Industry Connections: Leverage program and curriculum advisory boards to build strong relationships with local employers and gather valuable input.

3. Consistent Tracking and Reporting: Regularly monitor and report placement outcomes, setting specific KPIs to measure progress over time.

4. Host Industry Networking Events: Arrange monthly events to connect students with potential employers and professionals in their field of study.

To further assist you on this journey, we've crafted a placement improvement plan. To receive your complimentary copy, simply fill in the contact form on our website and mention "Placement Improvement Plan" in the message box.

For a deeper discussion on your specific needs, we welcome you to schedule a discovery call. Remember, success in placement improvement calls for collaboration between faculty, career services, alumni, and industry partners. Consistent assessment and adaptation are the keys to long-term success in student placement.

Let's work together to make this a season of remarkable placement success for your institution!

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