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Our Story

In 2012, Dr. Joseph Angley, a seasoned educator and college executive with decades of experience in higher education, founded Cole Middleton Group to redefine the educational consulting landscape. Drawing upon his extensive background as a consultant, school owner, and education executive, Dr. Angley sought use his knowledge to support schools, both emerging and established, in achieving sustained success. Dr. Angley noted that while there are plenty of consultants to help with licensing and accreditation, few were prepared to offer the scope of services that schools really need to grow and thrive. 

With a commitment quality and a wealth of expertise, Dr. Angley founded Cole Middleton. This firm transcends commercial interests, serving as a platform for substantive change. Dr. Angley recognizes that a thriving educational institution required strategic planning, operational efficiency, and an unwavering focus on student achievement.

To bring this vision to fruition, Dr. Angley assembled a team of distinguished professionals, including former members of his executive staff. Each member contributes a distinctive skill set and a shared dedication to the cause. The amalgamation of their extensive experience, innovative thinking, and genuine commitment to education sets Cole Middleton apart.

Since its inception, Cole Middleton has worked alongside numerous clients. The consultancy has been instrumental in steering the establishment and growth of robust and adaptable educational organizations. The firm’s expertise has not only helped schools weather challenges but has also revitalized institutions with a renewed sense of purpose.

A distinguishing aspect of Cole Middleton lies in its strategic partnerships. Dr. Angley has judiciously curated a network of highly qualified and seasoned firms and professionals. These entities offer invaluable support to schools in crucial areas, such as technology, accounting and auditing, advertising and recruitment, admissions, legal affairs, and more. This network complements Cole Middleton's holistic approach, ensuring comprehensive and specialized assistance in every facet of school operations.

In 2024, Cole Middleton continues to be a stalwart ally for educators and school owners nationwide. Dr. Angley's enduring dedication to excellence, coupled with the collective passion of the entire Cole Middleton team and their strategic partners, can assist your school to positively impact your students and their families.

For those seeking a steadfast partner in their educational journey, Cole Middleton stands ready. Together, we will help realize your vision, for at Cole Middleton, educational excellence transcends business—it is our vocation.

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