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Managing a School for Optimal Student Outcomes

At Cole Middleton Group we know that a well run school benefits owners, students and makes licensing, accreditation and even school sales easier and more profitable.  For one multi-campus school, we helped set up a monthly reporting and control system so that school operations were reviewed regularly, management decisions were documented for accreditation and licensing and the institutions management team were able to learn from and address various campus issues.


Moving from Diploma Programs to Degrees: A Planning Process.

For a Cole Middleton School Owner we set up a strategic plan to take his school from short term diploma programs up to baccalaureate degree programs.  This involved a long term (5-year) strategic plan of integrated curricula and programs and projections for multi campus growth. In the end this 9-month diploma school was successfully accredited at the bachelor degree level with additional plans to achieve university level status.

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Turning a New Page

For this multi-campus school, our staff performed campus visits, reviewed faculty files, cross-referenced curricula, visited facilities and equipment, and evaluated staffing levels and pre-sale valuation for the owners.


A Story of Success

Cole Middleton prepared training for an accreditation site visit to the entire staff.  We provided specific advice on site visit procedures, answering accreditor questions and preparing the facilty for a succesful site visit.

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Technical Program to Meet Employer Needs

Cole Middleton developed a series of new technical programs in wind turbine and solar panel installation/maintenance for a new technical school.  The cross-disciplinary curriculum was designed to minimize the cost of delivery and provide excellent learning outcomes for students.


Growing The School

A campus in Las Vegas, NV had great admissions numbers but equally poor retention.  CMG developed a standalone retention department that coordinated between admissions, financial aid and education to make sure students had a consistent message and proper expectations.

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A Story of Success

Clients often approach Cole Middleton Group with a general idea of what they need, and this project was no different. We were able to jump right in with our expertise and really helped the company grow and evolve. Today, their business is doing exceptionally well, and we’re proud to have been part of the process.


Improving Facilities for New Programs

Faced with a need to expand the physical plant and achieve a better location with more visibility Cole Middleton Group assisted a client in identifying possible locations using our in-house licensed real estate agents and commercial real estate affiliates. We focused on identifying the best locations based on traffic and population, while keeping the distance from the original campus to a minimum.  We helped negotiate the lease and recommended contractors for buildout of the new facility.

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